Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Revelations

An American lyricist, singer and actress, Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born on 16 May, 1966. She is the sister of the legendary late Michael Jackson and is better known for her bombastic records. She kick started her career in the industry with the show ‘The Jacksons’ in the year 1976 after which she appeared on other television shows and the hit the music industry with her first released album with A and M and then went on with several other collaborations.Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Pictures Can be seen below

Janet Jackson, the sister of the very famous pop star late Michael Jackson has had many of the plastic procedures. She seems to have been guided by her brother and has well got the procedures done safely and accurately. There’s no sign of any overdoing and that she is supposed to have it all under a proper guidance in the very perfect way possible. Janet has in several of her interviews and at public places revealed that she has had the plastic procedures done on her body to get a perfect look, a great body and to boost her esteem and confidence. So let’s have a look at few of her plastic surgeries.

  • Liposuction: Janet has been found revealing that she has had her liposuction done but just a bit of it. She has the typical type of body which can easily become fat with time and that she believes she has even lost a part of her weight rather than wholly depending on liposuction to get that slimmer body look she bears now. After the liposuction her body has acquired a slimmer and a sexier look that certainly complements her overall body.
  • Nose Job: A rhinoplasty here can be well traced. Janet used to have a bulbous and a wide nose which after the surgery has been transformed into a sexier nose style with a pointed tip and narrow nose gap in between. Also there’s has been an overall make up of her nose which gives a certainly very decent and sexier look to her nose.
  • Breast Implants: A boob job is certain here. On comparison of her before and after pictures you will get to see that Janet had a very small cup size. Due to her heavy body she said the miniature boob size looked awkward and that she underwent the knife at the very age of twenty five to get more rounded and sexier boobs that could at least transform her body as a whole. She now bears much rounded and sexier bust with a proper body formation.

Janet unlike other celebs has been true to what changes she has had in her body. It is extremely evident that the Jackson family is well versed with plastic procedures and that they undergo such body transformations without caring about it and are even truthful of the fact that they have had them done. The transformations in Janet’s body are great and that they certainly complement her body as a whole. Many claim that there is a lot of similarity between janet and Kim kardashian’s After And Before Pictures