Laptop is the best version of technology. It is a compact form of computer in which all the components are integrated into single unit so that work can be done easily. The main feature that attracts users is its portability. Laptops are versatile enough as they can run on number of applications. They help people become more productive as they can work at any place or any time.

There has been a change in shape and design of laptops over the years. A wide variety of laptops are available in the market with different sizes, features and prices of various brands. This makes the buying decision very difficult as to which laptop is the best and which should be chosen. It creates a confusion in the mind of buyers. Choosing the right laptop with best features is a great challenge. It is necessary to figure out your needs before selecting one.

Several features need to be considered before making a final choice. These features can help to fulfil different requirements of the users. They can help to make a right call. Here is the list of features that should be looked out while buying a laptop.

  1. End Use Purpose– The main purpose for which laptop is needed should be kept in mind. If it is required for routine and basic work like browsing internet or using Microsoft office, then a laptop with simple configurations can be preferred but if it is to be used for gaming or watching movies then laptop with higher configurations should be the choice.
  2. Size– Size of the laptop also matters. If portability of the laptop is the basic requirement, then one should buy a laptop of small size or a notebook. Laptop with a screen size of 12.5-13.3 inches should be favoured as it is easy to carry
  3. Operating System– It is the main element of a laptop on which all the applications run. Choosing between Mac, Windows and Chrome OS is one of an important decision. Windows is one of the most flexible OS and on the other hand Chrome OS is simple and secured but is limited. Hence this feature should be considered
  4. Screen Display– Another significant feature is quality of screen display. It should be assured that screen is very comfortable and laptops with touchscreen should be avoided. A 1920×1080-pixel resolution is considered as idle. Therefore, the user should carefully analyse the screen quality before buying it.
  5. Battery life– Battery life is based on many variables. That laptop should be chosen in which battery does not drain easily. Battery of a laptop is measured in Watt-hours and higher the figures are, more will be battery life.
  6. Storage– Amount of data, a laptop can store is another important consideration. A laptop should have a high storage capacity and should be able to run programs on speed. A 128GB SSD can prove to be idle and it will quickly boot up the system.

These above-mentioned features can help the users to decide which laptop is right per their requirements. Since wide variety of laptops are available, people should not get carried away and try to take the decision very carefully. Along with these features, budget of the buyer is also a main point of focus. Therefore, laptop buying should be done with full awareness. My choice is apple.

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