November 17, 2011

Do you ever feel like Thanksgiving is just a stop along the way to Christmas?

I know that I do…I love Christmas.  I seriously wait all year for this special time to come around.  So, although I love fall, by the time November rolls around, I’m already in Christmas mode.  I often bypass the great holiday of Thanksgiving because my mind has already moved onto the next thing.

{Does this sound familiar from my series?  Yep, still moving onto the next thing instead of focusing on the present.}

But I’m trying to fix that.

This year, I’ve gotten into Thanksgiving.  I’ve always thought that Thanksgiving was a great time to be grateful and notice/appreciate what God has blessed us with.  But this year, I’m really trying to embrace it.

The leaves around us look something like these…

{via Pinterest – I’ve always loved this photo.}

So it’s definitely still fall and I want to hang onto it while I can.

Plus, it seems fitting when the Christmas season is so often wrongly focused on receiving to take a step back before, reflect on what you’re grateful for, and prepare yourself to enter the season of celebrating Jesus and GIVING to others.

In honor of this thankful season, I will be posting lots of ideas to celebrate thankfulness with those we love over the next week until Turkey Day!

I’ll be back later today with a tradition to focus your entire family on being thankful!

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