Top Celebrity Diet Secrets

Celebrities are famous for maintaining a lean body figure and are well aware of several slimming techniques. Well, because everyone in this show business knows how to maintain their bodies, there can be no better guide than the celebs themselves. Talk about weight loss, gymming plans or diet secrets they can serve the best advice possible that too ones which are extremely effective and act quicker on your body. So here’s a sum up of several of the celebrity diet secrets that can help you attain that slim figure, just by following a few root steps.

Top Celebrity Diet Plans

  1. The Gluten- Free Diet: According to the Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, switching to a gluten free diet will help you achieve your goals quickly.  As it is quite evident that she has a lean and smooth body and that she believes is merely because of her switched over diet plan. She believes a bit of exercising is also necessary to keep the plan in process. This gluten free diet is surely going to bring about a rare and quick change to your body.
  2. Go Alkaline: Alkaline diet is another diet plan adopted by several celebs. Elle Macpherson once switched over to the alkaline diet and she has now achieved the desired body figure which she always wanted. The diet is an inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dry beans and legumes and food items maintaining the pH between 7- 7.5. This alkaline diet is completely organic and helps to maintain the usual pH of your body.
  3. Count On Your Calories: Kate Hudson is sure of the fact that whatever she consumes she keeps a check on her calories.  She uses and app to check the amount of calories a meal or a junk food item contains. She says she is obsessed with it and that she believes it’s important to keep a check on what you eat, it will help you  keep a track at how many calories you will have to burn and how much and what you should actually consume.
  4. Stop Starving: It’s a general psyche that skipping meals will help you maintain your weight and lose weight quickly. So people usually end up skipping the usual meals which leads to a fall in health and it actually doesn’t help you lose weight. As the general saying goes, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a middle man and dinner like a beggar and also never avoid eating when hungry. Eat food soulfully is what Naomi Campbell believes in and is against the idea of skipping meals or starving.
  5. Go Organic: Carine Roitfeld believes that eating organic food is good for health. She also believes that intake of green tea can help you lose a lot of calories on a daily basis. She sticks to her green tea about 3 to 4 times a day and that she believes it has helped her lose a lot of weight and made her body more toned.

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